People behind Mira Ghar

"Mira Ghar" is a brainchild of Late Shri Narain Lalwani and Late Shri Kishin Lalwani of Mira Enterprises (California, USA). They were motivated with the noble intention of giving something back to the society that they have lived in and had sincirely worked towards creating "Mira Ghar".

They have kept in mind especially the children who have to live abroad and have 60 plus parents back home in India and who wonder what would be good enough for their parents. They know that nothing but the best will do for such children!

They have been fortunate to have the most active, energetic and young duo - Shri Kishore Sarpotdar and Shri Abhay Sarpotdar as their associates to make this dream come true.

Shri Kishore Sarpotdar and Shri Abhay Sarpotdar hail from the most well known and socially active family of Shri Charudatta Sarpotdar of Pune.


Our aim is to create a special dwelling place for the elders who are above the age of 60. It is a nice enjoyable resort . We ensure that the basic aspects of living like cleanliness, medical support right from emergency services to health guidance, privacy and good nutrition are the foundation for this abode for its residents’ sunset years. For this we take the stand of “no compromise on quality” very firmly.
But life is not just food, clothing and sheltering. It is much more beyond all this. And especially parents who have welcomed the new millennium have needs and expectations in synch with today’s reality.
And precisely that’s why the finer aspects of life like companionship, being productively occupied, freedom to choose the degree of involvement in common activities or the social scene and a sense of belongingness is created with a tremendous effort and a sharp sense of quality that is continually improved at “Mira Ghar”.
We ensure that at “Mira Ghar” the ambience is classy, the theme is spiritual - not religious, freedom is not unlimited and therefore perilous but it is carefully nurtured and the very air speaks of wholesomeness.