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Aging is inevitable. All of us live with this reality. Going hand in hand with this is the fact that all aging parents must be taken care of so that they are not only safe and happy, but have companionship and health care too.

Today life has become so vastly different than what it was fifty years ago that issues like these need absolutely customized solutions. No longer is it easily manageable to have an elderly and aging parent at home because the life style is so fast and so very demanding! Safety, health, companionship and other social realities pose a challenge to today’s generation like never before. Working not only demands a whole lot more from us but the work places today are often geographically scattered all over the world or at times involves lot of travelling and all. The world today indeed is a global village! Show More
For Indian families located elsewhere with aging parents back home this is a serious challenge because everyone wants nothing but the best for their parents.

The twilight years today are way different than those of yesteryears. Today the technology is so advanced and everyone is so tech-friendly that it is the need of the time to be able to spend these years with the latest and state of art facilities too. This may include varied amenities ranging from Information and Technology Resources to world class security gadgets and measures

We at Mira Ghar understand that very well. It is precisely this challenge that has given birth to this concept – “Mira Ghar” a wonderful solution for the twilight years - to all above 60.

Mira Ghar is a place that many children of aging parents can gladly choose as the home for their parents where the parents are safe and can keep themselves engaged in various activities for this wonderful life!

We make a difference in your lives

Amazing Atmosphere

No pollution, no rush hour frenzy, no compulsion of any kind. We have created this exquisite place...

  • with an eye to the beauty and have carefully preserved the pristine nature of this magnificent dwelling for your precious loved ones.

Medical Care

We will have trained care takers round the clock to attend any medical emergencies of the residents.

  • In case of any emergency the residents will be taken to nearby clinics.

Community Center

A “happening place” for the fun and frolic time to suit individual taste – and pace, of course! Free to choose

  • what to do and to select companions for every activity provided here to entertain and amuse our residents where they can interact with others and have some good time.

The Ultimate Retreat

Happenings @ Mira Ghar


It is our mission to constantly upgrade “Mira Ghar” to serve better than ever and to rise to the demands of changing times and realities of its residents. We always strive our best to make and keep Show More "Mira Ghar” the safest, happiest and gentlest place for our residents. Towards this we are committed.


Our mission is to offer the best of the best safety, creativity, activity and freedom to our residents under the loving eye of our professionally trained expert care givers. Show MoreIt is our mission to offer a serene dwelling place that is pollution-free among green surroundings that also gives our residents a chance to explore spirituality, provides complete protection and any assistance at their beck and call.

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